Motel du Val de Villiers : hotel and restaurant in Chaumont

For over 30 years, Motel du Val de Villiers welcomes you in his hotel - restaurant next to the Chaumont Viaduct (52, Haute-Marne, Champagne-Ardenne).
Near the city center and the railway station (2 min by car and 15 min walk), Motel du Val de Villiers offers a peace of heaven in the middle of nature.

The hotel has 25 comfortable and fully equipped rooms where you can relax during a night or a business trip or just for a weekend with the family.

The restaurant offers traditional home cooking, accompanied by a wide selection of quality wines and served in a friendly atmosphere.

The Motel du Val de Villiers is located in the heart of an area rich in historical and cultural sites as well as large natural areas (hunting, fishing ...).

Chaumont Viaduct’s history

Chaumont Viaduct was built in fifteen months between 1855 and 1856.
Days and nights, 2,500 workers and 300 horsepower enabled the rapid construction time.
The maker is the East Railway Company and the architect is Eugène Decomble.
It is built to allow the railway to reach the upper part of the city.

August 31, 1944, in their retreat, the Germans destroy two arches of the viaduct (45 meters long) to cut the railroad track and block the road Chaumont-Auxerre. Due to the strategic importance of the line, it quickly recovered through a temporary track in service by December 28, 1944, and the viaduct is actually rebuilt November 6, 1945.



Hotel du Val de Villiers - Siren : 312 744 204 - 29 avenue Foch 52000 CHAUMONT - Tel. : +33(0)3 25 03 50 38 - Fax : +33(0)3 25 02 03 51

The Motel du Val de Villiers is a hotel - restaurant located in downtown, close to the station of Chaumont (52, Haute-Marne, Champagne-Ardenne) and at the foot of the bridge in the city. In a setting of breathtaking beauty, the hotel offers traditional home cooking and B comfort.